How We Are Wastd

The idea for We Are Wastd came from the creative mind of Rosa, our designer. When Rosa began working at our factory she fell in love with the everything about it: the friendly people, the amazing quality of the products and the effort everyone made to be as forward thinking and sustainable as possible.
“One day I noticed the amount of miscellaneous yarn sitting on shelves in a huge range of colours. The quantity was not enough for a full run of garments for a customer so I wondered if there was something else that it could be used for, instead of it just going to waste.”
“I saw a technician knit a testing out our ‘Whole Garment’ seamless knitting machine, using 3 ends of yarn in each feeder – 9 cones of yarn overall – and wondered if there was a way to create a garment without 9 cones of the same-coloured yarn. This made me think of feeding 3 colours of different coloured yarns into each feeder, letting the machine design the pattern on the jumper’s surface with these colours and producing a unique garment every time those three colours were knitted.”
“I thought it could be a fun, effective way of using up this waste yarn and creating beautiful, unique products in the process”
Rosa approached our factory owner, Snahal, and told him about her idea and he thought it had a lot of potential. They decided to knit a test garment to see if the 3-colour idea would look good. Using a pre-existing programme designed for lambswool – a fibre that would shrink when washed post knitting – they ended up with a gigantic jumper! But it proved that the 3 ends of yarn would look good!
After a bit more design and development, Rosa perfected her ideal garments – the Danna jumper, the Leyla jumper and the Billy beanie.
These easy to wear styles are available in several unique colourways. In keeping with our sustainable credentials, the collection has been streamlined to just a few styles meaning we don’t create more than we can sell.
These seamless, zero waste jumpers are designed to be timeless, durable, comfortable and flattering to a wide range body type. *Disclaimer* Sadly we are limited to size XXXL by the size of the machine.