Sustainabilty & Ethics

Our Commitment

  • We believe that a holistic, sustainable approach is the only way to ensure a future for our planet and the fashion industry.
  • From the environment, to our people and our manufacturing methods, we adopt the most fair, ethical and sustainable practices possible.
  • We are committed to a zero-waste production process.
  • Our packaging is all recycled, recyclable or biodegradable.
  • Our factory is working towards being carbon neutral.
  • We pay all our workers at least the UK minimum wage.
  • We keep our environmental impact to a minimum by designing, manufacturing and shipping all from our small, family-owned factory in the heart of England.
  • Our 3D seam-free knitting process and individual examination of each and every garment means that we achieve a high standard of faultless knitwear that should last a lifetime.
  • We knit only what we will sell. We don't overstock.

A Transparent Supply Chain

We strive to provide full transparency to our customers – from yarn to shipping and everything in between.

We are extremely proud of our family-owned factory, the people that work in it and the beautiful garments that we produce - and we want to share the whole story with you.

We want to educate our customers about the history and impact of what we do, and we want to learn from you too. We want to constantly adapt and improve our company practices and products. We welcome your input on how we can do this so please get in touch with us by emailing

Our Yarns

We currently knit all We Are Wastd garments from locally sourced, waste acrylic yarn, which is a by-product of the UK textile and clothing industry. Instead of factories throwing this spare yarn away when it is no longer needed, we rescue it from landfill and give it a new purpose as beautifully crafted, long lasting knitwear.

If you are a manufacturer that has waste yarn that you no longer want then we'd like to take it off your hands - please get in touch with us at and we can have a chat!


Our factory is Sedex certified. Sedex is one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organisation, working with businesses to improve working conditions in global supply chains. Having this certification means that we:

  • Enable responsible sourcing through collaboration and information gathering and sharing
  • Make supply chain transparency simple through easy to use tools and services that are available to all businesses
  • Protect people, the environment and business by proactively identifying and managing risk
  • Enable sustainable and responsible business through technological solutions.