About Us

Tired of bland, repetitive fashion that all looks the same?
At We Are Wastd we think that you deserve knitwear that is as unique as you are!
Because we use true deadstock yarn, no two We Are Wastd garments will ever be exactly the same. The pattern of each of our jumpers is completely unique and dictated by the way that our waste yarn is fed into the machine. Although designed by (the very human!) Rosa, our zero waste knitting machine decides the best and most efficient way to knit your jumper – the perfect fusion of human creativity and futuristic technology!
We believe that to be sustainable, new clothing should not impact negatively on the environment.
As part of our commitment to a more sustainable future for fashion we make our jumpers out of true deadstock yarn from the local textile industry, that would otherwise be destined for landfill.
Our zero-waste 3D knitting technology also means that we can make something special out of materials that would otherwise be discarded, without creating more wastage in the process.
Our garments are also seam-free and designed to last. Having no seams = no weak points where holes can develop, and it is estimated that extending the life of a garment by an extra nine months reduces its environmental impact by 20 to 30 per cent.
About 15% of fabric intended for conventional clothing ends up on the cutting room floor – that is why We Are Wastd’s zero-waste knitting technique is so revolutionary!
Our state-of-the-art 3D knitting technology creates specially designed seamless garments that come off the knitting machine fully formed and complete without the need for cutting and sewing – almost like a 3D printer for textiles. This technology also ensures that each piece of knitwear is created with the minimum amount of necessary material.
Conventional knitwear : Parts are cut out from fabric and sewn together, while the remaining fabric is discarded as waste.
Whole garment knitwear : Produced in its entirety, no material is wasted.
During our design and development process we sometimes have samples that didn’t turn out quite right! When this happens, we make sure that all our waste is recycled (into underlay!) or made into other We Are Wastd garments and accessories.
We are Wastd are the first brand of our kind that combine design, ethics, technology and production all under one roof to create products that are not only beautifully designed, sustainably made but also truly zero waste.
We want to lead the way and be role models for sustainability and ethical knitwear production.
We want to show that it is possible to run a profitable business that values its staff and focuses on sustainability.
At a time where our hometown has had a lot of bad press surrounding some of its garment factories, the We are Wastd factory hopes to shift the focus to a majority of the wonderful factories in Leicester, like our own, where workers are treated and paid well, people are happy and take pride in the products they create.
Our family-owned and run factory has a rich history of knitwear production dating back to the 1920s and was originally built to produce men's and boy's jerseys, socks and fully-fashioned lambswool shirts.
Whilst the building pretty much remains as it was 100 years ago, it now houses the very latest in knitting technology which makes it an exciting place for a designer like Rosa to work. A combination of generations of expertise and state of the art machinery makes for endless creative possibilities.
Uniquely, we are able to design, manufacture and ship all under one roof, keeping our carbon-footprint to a minimum.